Vlachos furs was founded in 1961 by Vlachos Nicolaos. It is a
family business that since then has been active in the field of fur
with consistency in the quality of the skins and the tradition that
governs the style of fur.

In the last few years the company has been taken over by the sons
of the family, who have preserved both the quality and the
tradition, the factors which have made the family business well
known. They have adopted innovations and new optics that led to
its establishment. The company’s venture, which first created
blacklama and swakara skins, was a design innovation that firstly
impressed and then was embraced by the fur industry.

The base of our company is in the city of Kastoria and our
products are exported to several countries in the world
consistently. In 2013 VLACHOS FURS, without changing any of
the above, altered its name and is now known as BEAUTY FURS.

The effort and goal of the company, more than half a century now,
is the purchase of high quality skins with excellent processing and
the creation of garments by specialized craftsmen with years of
experience in the field.

With the mind in the past but also with a view to the present and to
the future we create models that meet the needs not only of the
most classical but also of the most modern demands of our
customers. This is achievable through our collaboration with both
Greek and Italian designers. Each year we present our creations at
the Kastoria International Fur Fair. Our products are certified by
the Hellenic Fur Institute, which is a guarantee for our customers.


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Factory :

Dimarchou Vouitsi chloe area kastoria. p. o box 106

52100 Greece

tel.fax : + 30 24670 81086

email : vlachoub@otenet.gr